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The first key to the forehand volley in tennis is keeping the racket face up while the lower body must maintain a low and strong base of support. The posture on the body must be upright, and the swing path should be limited.

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If you do this correctly, the racquet face should be open (with the bottom racket edge leading the top racket edge) and the racket should have remained perfectly still. If you want to improve your volley significantly, learn to catch the volley — you will be well on your way to mastering the net game.

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You will be tempted to hold the racquet directly in front of your face and “fly swatter” the ball straight down. What you want to do from the beginning, however, is use the continental grip and make contact with the ball off to the side, not directly in front of your body.

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This volley is used on both the forehand and backhand side and involves players punching through the ball. This means a short backswing and little follow-through. If a player does swing through on this type of volley it is very difficult to control and will more often than not go out of the court.

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The most common forehand volley grip used by tennis players is the continental grip. The good thing about this grip is that you don’t have to change your grip if you execute a backhand volley after a forehand volley shot. Tennis volley shots can be hit using the Eastern forehand grip as well.

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Another characteristic of the drop is the open-and-upward racquet face. Given the stroke is designed to reduce ball-speed, the upward racquet face allows it to get over the net. If you keep your racquet face more straight and apply the drop technique, chances are your ball will fall short or will hit the net.

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When you initiate the volley, your shoulder should be facing the net. Continue your momentum forward using your body to put pace on the ball. Ideally, you want to hit the volley as close to the net as possible, as this will increase the likelihood of hitting a winning shot.