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7 reasons why sports fans are crazy about their teams ...

A football match between two countries is like a tribal war between two villages but in a civilized way; 7) Distraction: Life is full of problems and tough times. People who cheer for sports teams get so immersed in the experience that they manage to forget about their problems for some time.

The Psychology Of Social Sports Fans: What Makes Them So Crazy?

Their favorite sports team, athlete or their fellow fans certainly qualify. While celebrities use the social arena to nurture their reputation, federations and clubs focus on cultivating their communities. Fans have embraced social media amass looking for acknowledgement, attention, assurance, approval, acclimation and appreciation.

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The Scottish soccer team went against the English team in the final game, and it will forever be remembered by fans of both sides. With over 100,000 fans packed into Wembley Stadium, the Scots, who had expected to lose against the British side, managed to clinch the win two goals to one.

Sports Complex: The Science Behind Fanatic Behavior ...

i gain a amount of knowledge about why certain sport fans are loyal to their identified teams.furthermore, if fans consider their identified teams as their families, the relationships between them are very strong.in addition, i learn about that not only do fans depend on sport or sport teams, but also sport and sport teams are based on sport fans.finally, it is one kind of self extension for ...

12 Celebrity Sports Fans: Their Favorite Teams – Celeb Zen

Who doesn’t love supporting their favorite soccer, football or basketball team? Celebrities feel the same and not only do they get the best seats, but they love their teams as much as the next guy! Let’s take a look at a few celebrities and which teams they support. 1. Daniel Radcliffe

The psychology of being a sports fan | The Seattle Times

Those results were replicated in a study of French sports fans, leading the researchers to hypothesize that people feel an identity threat when their favorite team loses and are more likely to use ...

The Best (And Worst) Soccer Fans

Throw in some German soccer fans, who will probably be in a good mood because their team always wins, and you’ve got the right recipe for a perfect evening. Honorable mention: South Korea ...

Field Fanatics: 25 Unexpected Celebrity Fans of Soccer | Complex

Bob Marley. Favorite Club: Brazil National TeamFootball is a whole skill to itself. A whole world. A whole universe to itself. Me love it because you have to be skillful to play it!

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True fans, in contrast, will don jerseys, hats, and almost any item with the team logo no matter how poorly their team performs. True fans may feel dejected, but their heroes remain their heroes ...