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6 Yard Box Soccer What Is It And What Is Its Purpose

A six-yard box in soccer is an area in front of each goal on the soccer field, defined by two lines that start on the goal line six yards from the goalposts and extend six yards into the field of play from the goal line. This means that the six-yard box is a rectangle whose one side is six yards, while the longer side that is parallel to the goal line is 20 yards.

Soccer Field Dimensions (Official Sizes for Youth and Adult)

Official matches and league games have specific soccer field dimensions that must be used to mark out the pitch before playing. The length and width of the pitch needs to follow the FIFA Laws of the Game and the lines for the penalty area, six yard box, and halfway line all need to be correctly marked.

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1 Answer1. The goal area - colloquially known as the six yard box - serves a number of purposes. Its primary purpose is to designate the location from which goal kicks are to be taken. On p. 51 of the 2015/16 FIFA Laws of The Game: A goal kick is a method of restarting play.

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The history of the six yard box How football solved a 'locus' problem. 16 February 2020. Here's a rather dry question that you might encounter in a maths exam: "Two vertical poles are 8 metres apart. Draw the locus of points that are within 6 metres of the nearest pole." We'll come back to this question later. First - some football history.

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Within the penalty area is another smaller rectangular area called the goal area (colloquially the "six-yard box"), which is delimited by two lines starting on the goal-line 5.5 metres (6 yd) from the goalposts and extending 5.5 metres (6 yd) into the pitch from the goal-line, and the line joining these. Goal kicks and any free kick by the defending team may be taken from anywhere in this area.

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The width shall not be more than 80 yards (73.15M) nor less than 65 yards (59.44m) and the length shall not be more than 120 yards (109.72m) nor less than 110 yards (100.58m); however, fields of less than minimal dimensions may be used by prior written mutual consent of the competing institutions.

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The smaller of the two boxes is called the goal area. To determine the size of the goal area two lines are drawn at right angles to the goal line, 6 yds (5.5m) from the inside of each goalpost. These lines extend into the field of play for 6 yds (5.5m) and are connected by a line drawn parallel with the goal line.

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The measurements of this box are 20 yards wide by 6 yards deep. This box marks the area from which a goal kick must be placed. Corner Kick. A one yard quarter circle is marked on each corner of the field to mark where a player must place the ball prior to a corner kick. The Goal. The adult soccer goal is 24 feet wide by 8 feet high.