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The Match Up Zone - Challenging Basketball's Conventional Wisdom

It seems an ideal time to resurface Gene Sullivan’s unique matching zone defense. Origins of Sullivan’s Match Up Zone The genesis for Sullivan’s match-up zone lies in the jump shot and Gene’s belief that its development and eventual widespread use fundamentally changed the nature of basketball. In 1969, eleven years

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Our 12 points of an effective Match-Up Zone Defense 1. You must use both man to man and zone defensive principles. 2. Each man has area responsibility and man responsibility. 3. Each player must use man-to-man defense, area defense, and help defense. 4. Two defensive men must constantly defend three offensive men. 5.


This defense is used as a secondary defen-se, after the basic man-to-man defense. Then going up to the higher level, a coach is forced to utilize much more of a combi-ned defense, and, particularly, the mat-ch-up zone. TOP CHARACTERISTICS OF THE MATCH-UP ZONE Mainly, this is a zone defense that in-corporates three important elements: 1.

2-3 (2-1-2) Zone Basketball Defense

Breakthrough Basketball 2-3 (2-1-2) Zone Basketball Defense Summary This zone is similar to the 2-3 zone that Jim Boeheim uses at Syracuse. This is can be a very effective zone defense, because it still covers the 3-point arc as well as the inside game. Youth Coaches: Even though, you CAN win more games, AVOID playing any type of zone

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Point / Zone Match-Up Defense. Now the defense takes a 1 - 3 - 1 alignment. #1 is pressuring the ball; #2 has the high post area; #3 has the spot halfway between the wing and the lane area; #4 has the "Hole" or basket area; #5 is on the block, between the ball and the basket.

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The zone away from the ball resembles man-to-man "helpside" defense. Be sure to see the detailed animation and Coach Sar's 1-3-1 Match-up Zone. Quote: "A good zone looks like a man-to-man, and a good man-to-man looks like a zone." The match-up zone resembles what we used to call a "switching man-to-man", where defenders switch freely with one ...

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The Match-up zone defense combines both person-to-person and zone principles. The true match-up zone is unique in that it utilizes a series of defensive rules. In a Match Up zone, offensive alignments never split defenders, overloads are easier to defend, and opponents have a tendency to get confused.

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Show a 1-3-1 match-up zone set with X5 in the middle. By using the 1-3-1 set, you may be able to force the offense out of their usual 1-3-1, or 3-out, 2-in offense and into a 2-guard offense. In diagram A, X1 picks up the guard to his right and X2 gets the other guard.

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Today’s basketball coaching clinic notes are on Gene Evans and his 2-3 Match-Up Zone Defense. We have a complete breakdown of the 2-3 Match-Up Zone Defense in these notes. You learn how to build up your zone defense and the drills to do it. I hope that you enjoy these basketball coaching aspects of the Match-Up Zone.