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How Many Poker Chips per Person? For most home game tournaments, a solid option is to have each player start with 3,000 chips using the following distribution: 8 Red $25 Chips; 8 White $100 Chips; 2 Green $500 Chips; 1 Black $1,000 Chips ; This will have each player starting with 60 big blinds.

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Lets say $5,000 chips per player with the blinds starting at $25-$50. If there are 10 players you would usually pay out for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. If a player busts before a certain level you can allow rebuys or you cannot if you wish.

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A safe number when distributing chips is 40 to 60 chips per player. The total value of these chips should be coherent with your buy-in . Too high or too low can directly affect the gameplay of each player.

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There are many sets of chips available to buy online, often they come with everything you need: a metal case, some cards, a dealer button and, of course, the chips. I wouldn't recommend getting less than 500 chips as they aren't that expensive and it's a pain to be making change all through the game.

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So, let’s figure out the starting chips for each player: 15 - $1 chips = $15 17 - $5 chips = $85 4 - $25 chips = $100 Total – 36 chips = $200 Tiki Kings cash game starting stack. This brings the total number of chips starting out on the table to 360 poker chips (36 X 10 players).As mentioned, players will often rebuy (sometimes many times) and players may be allowed to buy-in for more than 100 BB’s.

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As a rule of thumb the starting amount of poker chips per player should be 40-80 chips. Starting with this many chips gives each player enough of each of the starting chip colors. However, I have played in many tournaments were everyone starts with 20 chips and this works.

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80 x 5000 point chips. This means you will have a total of 500 chips in a variety of denominations and will be able to support 2 full tables of players, including rebuys for each player. In my opinion, this breakdown is the optimal configuration for a 500 chip set with a 25 chip base.

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How many poker chips will you need to successfully host a tournament? Generally, you will want about 50-75 chips for each player. Generally, you will want about 50-75 chips for each player. If you want to have a 20 person tournament you will need approximately 1000-1500 chips of the right color mix.