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Timing Of The Split Step and Drills To Master It | Feel Tennis

How To Split Step For A Quick Start Off The Mark 1. One foot and two feet push off Many players tend to initiate the split step from both feet on the ground because they... 2. The height of the “jump”

Tennis Split Step Timing, Execution And Drills - YouTube

http://www.feeltennis.net/split-step/The timing of the split step is not easy to master that's why this video shows you some practical drills for improving y...

Split Step - Be Quick - Essential Tennis Instruction

Three R's - ready read and then react. Ready - feet spread, knees softly bent, weight on the balls of the feet Read - as quickly as possible read the ball, see clearly is this ball coming to the forehand or backhand side React - turn your shoulders and hips to the ball as quickly as possible.Continue Reading →

The “Split Step” - Local Tennis Lessons for All Ages & Levels

– [Nate] So in tennis, every time somebody is ready to make contact with the ball, your opponent, we’re going to get a split step. And that way, once we’ve anticipated the direction of the ball, we can quickly move in that direction to intercept the path of the ball.

Online Tennis Lessons And Instruction Videos | Feel Tennis

Online Tennis Courses Testimonials Your basic forehand lesson opened my mind! Katia Hello Tomaz, your basic forehand lesson opened my mind. Your approach to the fundamental principles of tennis is quite different from what is usually found on internet. I started learning nearly three years ago, and I don't have a good forehand yet. Watching your […]

Tennis Instruction - Split Step Fundamentals

1. Return of Serve. Serves come at you fast. Every player uses a split step to prepare for the coming serve. 2. Serve and Volley. With the server rushing in to take the net, it is of most importance that the server uses a split step to set up the next volley. 3.

Feel Tennis Instruction - YouTube

Tennis instruction videos helping you develop basic and more advanced tennis technique through feel based drills and exercises.

Tennis Serve Technique – 7 Steps To Correct Serve | Feel Tennis

These step by step serve lessons can also be used if you’re a total beginner and want to learn correct serving technique from scratch. Step 1: The Stance. A proper tennis serve stance is when your feet are positioned so that the front foot is pointing towards the right net post (for right-handers) and the back foot is parallel to the baseline.