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Online Tennis Courses Testimonials Your basic forehand lesson opened my mind! Katia Hello Tomaz, your basic forehand lesson opened my mind. Your approach to the fundamental principles of tennis is quite different from what is usually found on internet. I started learning nearly three years ago, and I don't have a good forehand yet. Watching your […]

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How To Fix Your Tennis Forehand Fundamentals (By Yourself)

Start in the neutral stance forehand with your feet shoulder width apart. This is not a very wide stance, but it will allow you to rotate your pelvis/hips easily. Try to remain very stable with the front foot flat on the ground. The main objective is to keep your front foot on the ground.

Tennis Forehand Technique – 8 Steps To A Modern Forehand

The forehand swing path is very similar to a bowling motion. To get the feel for the bowling motion, you can simply take a few tennis balls and bowl them towards a target. After 20 or so repetitions, take your racket and see if you can implement this feeling of bowling into your swing.

Modern Tennis Forehand Technique In 8 Steps - YouTube

http://www.feeltennis.net/modern-forehand-technique/Developing fundamental forehand technique is the key to dominating your tennis matches from the baseline ...

The Tennis Forehand Backswing Illusion | Feel Tennis

As we prepare for the forehand stroke, we are simultaneously executing a certain movement with the arm and we’re turning our trunk to the side, rotating it around 90 degrees. These two movements cause the racket to move quite a lot in space, meaning from ready position to the backswing position.

Tennis Forehand Topspin Drills Part 1 - Getting The Topspin ...

Always wanted to hit your tennis forehand with more topspin but you don't know what drills can help you achieve that?In today's video you will not only learn...

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Tennis instruction videos helping you develop basic and more advanced tennis technique through feel based drills and exercises.

7 Tips For Fixing A Tennis Forehand On Your Own (With A Ball ...

https://www.feeltennis.net/forehand-fundamentals/If you're looking for tennis forehand tips on technique, the swing and stances and you have no one to play w...

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I’m a passionate recreational tennis player, aged 51, from Switzerland. I began playing tennis late, at the age of 42. I had lots of tennis lessons with severel tennis teachers in my “career”. I play a lot of tournaments. I’ve watched your videos on the internet a I must say you’re way of teaching and explaining tennis is just brilliant.