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‘Sound good’ is a phrase which signifies that you agree with or you find that thing genuine in your opinion. here are some best alternatives-“Impressive..!!” “ I’ll take that.” [elaborated- I like that point of yours] “ nice one!” “ I agree with that.” “ Worth a try.” I’ll update the answer as soon as I get more ideas! Thank you.

Sounds Great synonyms - 536 Words and Phrases for Sounds Great

Another way to say Sounds Great? Synonyms for Sounds Great (other words and phrases for Sounds Great).

Sound Better synonyms - 48 Words and Phrases for Sound Better

Sound Better synonyms - 48 Words and Phrases for Sound Better. sounds better. sounds good. best sound. better call. better sound. better sounding. good sound. has a nice ring.

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Try not to say words like sounds, feels, seems,etc. You want to be definitive. Saying "great" on its own has risk of sounding sarcastic IMO, and exclamation points should never be used in emails. Replace "great" with something like delightful, excellent, marvelous, wonderful, fantastic, fabulous, splendid, etc.

Sound Great vs. Sounds Great: Correct Usage Explained (12 ...

“Great” is a more powerful adjective than “good.” That means that “sounds great” shows a stronger way of saying that something is good to you, whereas “sounds good” is a little less impactful and usually doesn’t hold the same weight behind it.

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Sounds like: A well-reasoned analysis that good times will ultimately come. Might mean: If things go bad, you were right. If things get better, no one will care you were wrong.

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